State Legacy

Research in the Visualisation of Political History

This publication of selected essays, images, research documents and background information expand on the two years of research that informed the State Legacy exhibition.

The exhibition presents new work by five prominent contemporary Chinese artists who are responding to the achievements and problems of China’s rapid industrialisation and modernisation – generating debate about our shared future in post-industrial societies.

Artists’ works include, Wang Guangyi’s East Wind – Golden Dragon Car, Lu Hao’s Replicated Memory, Wang Jianwei’s The Grandstand – Tiananmen, Zeng Li’s The Shuicheng Iron and Steel Works, Sui Jianguo’s Raising Speed on the Railway.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition State Legacy: Research in the Visualisation of Political History at Cornerhouse, Manchester and Holden Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University, 3 April – 24 May 2009.

Curated by John Hyatt and Huang Zhou.

English and Mandarin text.

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