Städelschule Lectures 2

This is the second volume of collected lectures from the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Städelschule in Frankfurt.

“With Städelschule Lectures 2, we are delving further into the generous program of lectures held at the Städelschule, connecting various thematic lines and subtexts.

This volume focuses on the concept of ‘editing’, understood in the widest sense as a process in which differences are made visible and attempt to find their place.

Inevitably, an edit also reflects the craft of editing, whereby material is organised, corrected, changed, and condensed. With various techniques of cutting and dividing, large categories can be made more simple or complex.

Seen in this way, the concept of editing offers insight into our lecture program, where the voices of many and unique forms of visualisation emerge through the process of differentiation.” – Arielle Bier, Paula Kommoss, Philippe Pirotte (the Editors)

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