Speculations on Anonymous Materials

Speculations on Anonymous Materials for the first time worldwide brings together approaches in international art that reinterpret the anonymous materials created by rapid and incisive technological change.

Art’s brief is no longer to generate unique, original images, but to seek reflection in a desubjectivized approach to the existing stocks of objects, images and spaces nature after nature presents artistic works using materials that surround us and constitute nature.

Differentiations between synthetic and organic, manmade and natural are rejected. The exhibition demonstrates a nature after nature that, in its complex, global transformations, can only be grasped in fragments.

A nature that disassociates itself from an idealized and ideologized term and must be considered anew. Inhuman offers visions of the human being as a socially trained yet resistant body, transcending biologically or socially determined gender classifications, as a digitally immortal entity, or as a constantly evolving self. They visualize the constructs that define what is human and shift existing perspectives on them.

Published retrospectively after the exhibition, Speculations on Anonymous Material at Fridericianum, Kassel, 29 September 2013 – 26 January 2014.

English and German text.

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