Space Invaders

Issues of Presentation, Context & Meaning in Contemporary Art

contributors: Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton, Andrew Brighton, Chris Dercon, Nicholas de Ville, Greg Hilty, Robert Hopper, Lewis Johnson, James Lingwood, Vivien Lovell, Maureen Paley, Haim Steinbach, Jon Thompson

The issue of placing has great importance for contemporary art. The contributors to Space Invaders explore, from a variety of perspectives, the way in which the meaning and significance of a work of art is linked to the context in which we experience it. It follows that essays in this book scrutinize those conditions which appear most telling in their influence on the context of the work of art. Space Invaders also questions some of the assumptions which we are making – perhaps too readily – when we consider context as having the power to dominate signification. In examining these assumptions this book offers a number of fresh perspectives on the issue of placing.

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