Sophie MacCorquodale

Waiting for the Day

edited by Fiona Corridan

essays by Enrico Lunghi, Thomas Keogh, Jean Friesen

foreword by Virginia Tandy

Sophie MacCorquodale is the winner of the 2006 Crosby Homes Manchester Art Prize, an annual award for outstanding new talent, this year selected by Enrico Lunghi, Artistic Director of Casino Luxembourg. MacCorquodale works with video and this publication focuses on a film created in the seaside town of Rhyl, North Wales which combines documentary footage and constructed fictional scenarios, juxtaposing themes of escapism and fun with vulnerability and decline (witnessed in many British seaside towns).

Her main interest in developing this work lies in her exploration of eudaemonism – the belief that certain situations are conducive to happiness and that pleasures are more tangible with past and future situations than those at present. She looks to landscapes, notions of escapism and travel in an attempt to articulate the disparity between romantic/nostalgic projections and how they contrast with the reality of our actual experience. MacCorquodale is a recent Goldsmiths graduate and this is her first solo publication.

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