Sonic Youth etc.

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For the first time ever, the multidisciplinary activities of the American alternative, experimental rock band Sonic Youth are being presented in a book and European touring exhibition, showcasing their collaborative work together with visual artists, filmmakers, designers, and other musicians since the band’s inception in 1981.

By including works created and also selected by Sonic Youth, this volume explores an alternative kind of contemporary culture, focusing on the connections between high culture and pop culture, between serious music and music entertainment. Topics such as rebellion and youth culture, lifestyle and fashion, sex and religion are examined based on detailed accounts of the band’s activities.

Selected writings by band members (some in facsimile), essays by a range of authors and artists on Sonic Youth and the band’s works, and photos and other documents from band members’ personal archives combine to form a unique illustrated timeline of the band’s career and musical development.

Includes two 7 inch vinyl records featuring exclusive recordings by the four band members.

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