Some Memorials

The Photo-Diaries of Mick Williamson

In the same way that he eats breakfast or drinks tea Mick Williamson has, on a daily basis since 1975, pointed his fixed-focus half-frame camera at the surrounding world. At least half a million pictures have been recorded. The products of his initial work through the viewfinder have been subsequently edited into a series of different groupings and are now reproduced in this superb artist’s book.

Williamson’s images fulfil the notion of the photograph album. The camera is often held at arm’s length or at the hip, and takes an almost-bad snapshot. This is informed by an understanding, and then a denial, or the more contrived images of photography. Leave a copy of this book around the room where you can see it from day to day. It may reveal the purposeful inconsequence of these pictures and say something of how the gatherer delighted in their world.

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