Solo for Dan Perjovschi

Daily Weekly Monthly

Dan Perjovschi’s drawings made in black, waterproof felt-tip pen directly onto the walls of museums and art institutions recall caricatures, graffiti or cartoons, and make comments with biting humour on social-political events and on current world affairs.

The end of the repressive Romanian regime offered the opportunity for committed activism. Dan Perjovschi is a member of the Group of Social Dialogue, a group of Romanian intellectuals who advocate critical dialogue and who have, since 1991, published the weekly newspaper Revista 22, for whom the artist still regularly works today as an illustrator and columnist.

At the beginning of the1990s the newspaper was seen in Romania as the most prestigious journal on an intellectual level. As inspiration, Perjovschi draws on current news items, rumours, sightseeing, jokes, television items, etc.

Perjovschi’s works for Revista 22 have not been published together before. This catalogue provides an overview of highlights from the past 20 years – an era of contemporary history commented on with subtle irony!

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