Slow Life

artists: Wilfrid Almendra, Dale Berning, Mark Karasick, Ryota Kuwakubo, Tomoyasu Murata, Beltran Obregon, Wolfgang Staehle

essay by Yuu Takehisa

Technology pervades our society so completely that life is almost inconceivable without it. Endless waves of products appear by the week, each one faster, more complex, more convenient, more profitable than the next.

Slow Life aims to examine the way in which we live in today’s hi-tech environment and considers the influences that IT technology has made on our behavioural pattern. It investigates the speed of contemporary life by revisiting the allures of non-productivity and anachronistic materials.

Slow Life attempts to raise awareness of the influences and changes that a modern high-tech society have made upon the way in which we now live.

This catalogue accompanies the exhibition Slow Life at John Hansard Gallery, Southampton, and Limehouse Arts Foundation, London.

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