Shia LaBeouf

A K Blakemore

Shia LaBeouf is the new poetry collection from the startling voice of A K Blakemore. Delivered with succinct precision and bright salient menace in her inimitable style — each poem suspends from the space around it with unapologetic leavings that will reside with you.

Here, every detail crackles and comes at you sideways; a bad poem is dedicated to William Faulkner (and also your mother) – we are shown male models dancing to Roxy Music – a crosswise salver – a drinking spider – a sparrow’s wet dream and an altercation at a South London pub.

Shia LaBeouf will take readers into a burnished and strange place. A K Blakemore is the author of two full-length collections of poetry: Humbert Summer (Eyewear, 2015) and Fondue (Offord Road Books, 2018), which was awarded the 2019 Ledbury Forte Prize for Best Second Collection. She is currently working on her debut novel, which will be published in Spring 2021 by Granta.

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