Set and Setting

Kerim Seiler 1997-2022

The publication ‘Set and Setting: Kerim Seiler 1997-2022′ documents the work and activities of the artist Kerim Seiler from the beginnings of his career to the multifaceted large-scale projects that he has realized in public spaces and thus achieved notoriety beyond Zürich and Switzerland.

In addition to its work-documentary character, the focus of the book is on imparting art-historical knowledge, because Seiler’s oeuvre can be used to explain discourses and theorems that have had a decisive influence on the development of the visual arts over the past 60 years.

From installation and performative work concepts to the situational understanding of art and sitespecific art – Seiler’s oeuvre deals with these and other art theoretical methods and approaches, reflects on their origins and translates them into a language and aesthetic of its own.

For more information, please visit the artists’ website.

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