Sense and Perception

Felicity Aylieff

This catalogue was published to mark ceramic artist Felicity Aylieff’s first major solo exhibition in the UK. Aylieff’s sensuous and subtle abstract forms are born of long experimentation with materials and technique. Research into ceramic bodies at the Royal College of Art resulted in what Aylieff describes as ‘ceramic terrazzo’, a clay composite body including tiny pieces of glass, stone and coloured porcelains. When ground to a polished surface, this material has an extraordinary tactile quality, fragmented with colour, texture and unexpected depth. The strength and plasticity of this material has allowed Aylieff to create increasingly large scale architectural abstract forms with an exotic surface quality reminiscent of granites, marbles and fossils.

Emma Maiden analyses Aylieff’s techniques and Helen Bevis talks about the visual and tactile experience of her work which is made to be experienced through touch as much as visually.

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