Secundino Hernández

time TIME

One of the most dynamic painters of his generation, Secundino Hernández is acclaimed for his spirited enquiry into the language, history and enduring potential of abstraction.

This special publication, produced on the occasion of the artist’s exhibition, time TIME, at Victoria Miro, features new works that continue his investigation into the vocabulary of painting (line, form, gesture and colour) and historical classifications of the medium (such as action and colourfield painting) to create images that, radiating a sense of urgency, explore not only their own unique process of creation but our responses to a painted surface.

It features an essay by Wells Fray-Smith who writes, quoting the artist, ‘For Hernández, the painting process of letting go, of “accept[ing] that something else is happening,” is much like life itself: it is about “breaking the dynamic of your whole inner life. You have to open fields or doors or windows … to discover, or not, is the whole journey…”.’

Photography by Rafael Trapiello.

Published on occasion of the exhibition ‘Secundino Hernández: time TIME’, 11 Oct – 12 Nov 2022, Victoria Miro Gallery, London.

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