Secundino Hernández

Grapado a la piel

Secundino Hernández (b. 1975, Madrid) is one of most dynamic painters of his generation, celebrated for his spirited enquiry into the language, history and enduring potential of his medium. For this body of work, created in Venice earlier this year, the artist focuses on the human form.

The paintings – some no bigger than a hand’s width – condense Hernández’s signature approach to material and process, alighting on the classical subject of the female nude while introducing a host of additional referents.

Among these is the city of Venice, which has been a context and a source of inspiration, its presence felt in the tones and surfaces of the works on view.

Featuring a new text by the author, screenwriter and director Ray Lorgia.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, Secundino Hernández: Grapado a la piel at Victoria Miro, Venice (13 September– 19 October 2019) which presents small-scale figurative paintings created in the Venice studio by the acclaimed Spanish artist.

English and Spanish text.

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