Sculpting Practice

Catching a Train on the Move, London 2015

Fast forward 20 years: What in retrospect are the most pressing developments in the practice of sculpture in London 2015?

This publication responds to this question as a kind of time capsule of this historical moment. Through the lens of three themes, ‘Adventures in Material and Space’; ‘Public Sculpture, Public Art’ and ‘Ambition and Afterlife’, other subjects are broached. These include material matters in an age of digitisation, the life cycle of artworks and the rise of placemaking agencies in the commissioning of public art.

The present described here springs from the perspective of Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre at the time of its 2015 London Fields’ Residency. This publication also draws on the insights of PSC’s peers, colleagues and associates working in London’s art scene(s). Reflections move between the micro and the macro, in an attempt to make sense of the lived experience of art practitioners in this capital of culture.

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