Scott King

Art Works

Scott King’s work adopts an idiosyncratic and multilayered approach that simultaneously embraces the worlds of art, advertising, graphic design, semiotics, politics, and popular culture.

Using the languages of commerce, visual communication, and bureaucracy, his works, always imbued with a deadpan humour, aim at a complex of psychological, sociological, and political content.

Much of his art draws on political imagery, though he claims not to be especially political himself. ‘Most of the stuff I’ve done that is deemed political is actually about the failure of a certain kind of political ideology,’ he says. ‘It’s about the failure of the left, mainly.’

If the results often resemble a hybrid of information design and hard-edge abstraction, it is certainly due in big part to the desire to apply ‘order’ and ‘form’ to the chaos and formlessness of one’s life.

Using his positions in pioneering British-style magazines such as i-D and Sleazenation in the early 1990s, Scott King developed a form of hi-jacked public communication to spread his stories, ideas, and comments.

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