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Satire, Irony and the Grotesque (German Edition)

Klee, Kubin, Daumier, Ensor, Feininger

They all get along, and yet they don’t really…

There is a great deal that is humorous and enigmatic in the satirical, ironic and grotesque works of Klee, Kubin, Daumier, Ensor and Feininger. No roars of laughter, instead opaque and ambiguous groupings of allusion, derision or polemic.

Klee, Kubin and Feininger were all friends and knew the works of Daumier and Ensor. This polyphonic presentation of the dialogue between their works – selected etchings, drawings, lithographs and examples from satirical magazines – portrays their individual art practice as well as the subtle and fascinating correlations.

German text.

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