Sarah Jacobs: Deciphering Human Chromosome 16

Index to the Report

This book uses text in a visual way to document the debates associated with mapping the human genome. It is accompanied by a downloadable ebook. The two books form part of an ongoing project by the artist Sarah Jacobs.

What did we say, do and think about genetics, nature, human nature and the possibilities for change that science and technology seemed to be opening up in the wake of the Human Genome Project? How are the debates moving on? Deciphering Human Chromosome 16: We Report Here is an ebook documenting the ethical, economic, political and philosophical polemics associated with mapping the genome. These are put in the context of history and everyday life. It contains links to over 250 websites collected in the months following publication in the journal Nature. Its contents change over time as the websites change, migrate or disappear. The Report is available as a free download at .

This accompanying index to the ebook sets fragments collected from the websites against the background of the earlier draft sequence originally published by Project Gutenberg. The solid physicality of the Index contrasts with the ever changing Report but paradoxically vagaries of the printing process ensure that each copy of the Index is unique.

Information as Material publishes work by artists who use extant material – selecting it and reframing it to generate new meanings – and who, in doing so, disrupt the existing order of things.

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