Sabine Fernkorn


Since 2002 Sabine Fernkorn has been designating her art idiosyncratically as ‘LichtsPUREnMALEREI’ (pure painting of light traces), a term not meant to be a stylistic concept, and in fact, not meant as a concept at all.

The term indicates the exacting standards she places on her painting and suggests at the same time its central theme. The concern is for ‘pure’ painting in a fundamental sense that these pictures have come about as the result of the pure means and processes of painting.

This has less to do with the purist ideologies of the Modern Movement, its aesthetic laws of purity and lists of sins, than it does with the simple fact that this painting strictly limits itself to the use of brush and paint, thinner, and varnish as well as the picture carriers of cotton or paper.

Just as important is that she avoids references to objects and does not permit any use of interim media such as photography or electronic picture processing or preparatory drawings or sketches.

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