Roman Signer

Werkübersicht / Works 2002-2018: Volume 4

This is the fourth volume in the series, which began to be published in 2003 and forms an overview of Roman Signer’s work.

Signer’s materials— water, fire, air and earth—are elements that intervene in the design of the work and complete it. Making its production visible is usually part of his work.

The artist himself comments on almost all of the 700 sculptures and actions, without interpreting them. He states facts such as technical details, climate and the sequence of events, and thus gives the reader a precise impression of his work, almost elevating them to an observer of the action.

The result is a catalogue raisonné and an autonomous account of the work in this unique oeuvre.

Includes text by Barbara Cassavecchia, Christoph Dosald, Esther Flury, Lorenzo Giusti, Paul Good, Matthias Haldemann, Stephan Kunz, Roman Kurzmeyer, Gerhard Mack, Simon Maurer, David Moinard, Kristin Schmidt, Dorothea Strauss, Sunny Sun Li, Ulrich Suter, Reto Thüring, Paula van den Bosch, Roland Wäspe, Sara Weyns, Max Wechsler, Rachel Withers, Beat Wismer and Li Zhenhua.

English and German text.

Co-published with Zimmermann.

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