Roman Ondák

Measuring the Universe

Roman Ondák represented the Slovak Republic at the 2009 Venice Biennale

In this volume the Slovak artist Roman Ondák has brought together some of his works that deal with time, measurement, and surveying along with those that make visible what evades the visual, namely boundaries and experience.

Alongside a complete documentation of the exhibition Measuring the Universe, where the museum attendants checked the body size of the visitors throughout its duration, one also finds Failed Fall (2008), a greenhouse’s floor filled with dried autumn leaves, and Across that Place (2008), the story of the no longer existing Canal Zone by the Panama Canal.

Whether working with installation, photography, drawing, or performance, Ondák underpins his work with processes, embedding them into the course of an action. The action extends over time, transcribes a scenario rather than explaining it, and can be attached to radically minimalist objects, or as in this case, to extremely narrative books.

Anything that plays a role in his work has its place in this book: the displacement of people and places, presence and absence, the economy of time.

This publication is part of the series of artists’ projects by Christoph Keller Editions in collaboration with BAWAG Foundation.


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