Rokni Haerizadeh


This is Rokni Haerizadeh’s first monograph and brings together four years of work. It is built around two sets of works: Fictionville (2009-) and a new series of drawings and animations made on the occasion of the 2013 Carnegie International.

For Haerizadeh, life is rendered as a series of elaborate rituals, alternately richly comic, absurd, tragic, farcical, and finally, devastatingly familiar.

The 34-year-old Dubai-based artist is perhaps best known for painterly tableaux whose subject matter draws from existing mass media images of weddings, galas, murders, parades, funerals, riots, and revolutions.

His human forms (with animal heads) often very large and wildly expressionist, function as a crooked lens onto the madness of contemporary society.

English and Farsi text.

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