Roger Hiorns

The work of Roger Hiorns conveys a compelling understanding of material and form. His practice takes place within a rigorous conceptual framework and a distinct knowingness of the sculptural tradition within which his work is placed.

Presented in this catalogue is a selection of his crystallised car engines, the product of Hiorns’ alchemical-like process whereby engines, mainly from BMWs, are submersed in a solution of copper sulphate, precipitating the growth of vibrant blue crystals that encrust the surface.

Also featured are Hiorns’ remarkable ceramic sculptures. These vessels contain detergent and are fed air from small compressors. Over time, columns of white foam emerge, climbing upwards until they reach a point of exhaustion and ultimate collapse.

This publication marks the first solo art gallery exhibition by this British sculptor (at Milton Keynes Gallery, 8 April – 28 May, 2006) and is the artist’s first significant publication to date, providing a unique opportunity to engage with the breadth and invention of his practice.

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