Rodin – Beuys

text by Claude Keische, J Adolf Schmoll, Eisenwerth, Helene Pinet, Josephine Gabler, Dieter Koepplin, Pamela Kort

From 1947 – 1964 Joseph Beuys produced a large number of works on paper that echo the late drawings and watercolours of Auguste Rodin and the sculptural work of Wilhelm Lehmbruck. Although Beuys’ sculptural work is very different from these artists, he took up themes that both Rodin and Lehmbruck used including the idea of the torso as an autonomous, enclosed form and the fragment as the simplest and most elementary embodiment of immutability. By using the fragment, Rodin had attempted to link his own work with that of the ancients. Beuys followed Rodin’s example and the work of Lehmbruck and with the introduction of political and social elements expanded the vocabulary of sculpture. English and German text.

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