Rina Banerjee

Forever Foreign

Forever Foreign is the first UK solo show of Bengali-American artist Rina Banerjee at Haunch of Venison, London (April – May 2010), introducing the New York-based artist’s complex, seductive, corporeal oeuvre.

Banerjee’s drawings, sculptures and assemblage depict mythical, visionary worlds, reflecting the artist’s Western and Indian backgrounds with intense colours and hybrid flora and fauna.

The fantastical floating world Banerjee creates is reminiscent of Indian miniature paintings, and comes from an interest in Victorian culture; the thirst for exploration and knowledge, lust for the travel and curiosity in the ‘other’.

The work explores specific colonial moments that reinvent place and identity as complex, diasporic experiences.

Banerjee’s sculptures (often hanging or cantilevered from the wall) are typified by her sensual and suggestive use of a wide variety of found objects, both artificial and natural, and her deployment of complex and unusual spatial configurations.

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