Richard Long

Prints 1970–2013

This catalogue raisonné of prints brings together all of the print works by this important English artist for the first time and offers a panorama of his oeuvre from 1970 to today. It comprises 55 sets of prints that are comprehensively documented. Richard Long very consciously chooses the print method and paper to be used for each print, and almost every technique is represented in his oeuvre, from monotype via engraving and lithography to silk-screen and offset printing.

Prints have accompanied Richard Long’s creative work like an in-depth commentary from the beginning, opening it up in all of its various facets and making clear to which degree the sensual and conceptual sides of his art determine and influence one another.

Over a period of almost 45 years, seemingly incidental, small-format prints as well as works in representative formats have been created; single sheets are juxtaposed with extensive portfolios.

Published on the occasion of the touring exhibition Richard Long: Prints 1970 – 2013 in 2013–14 at Museum Kurhaus Kleve, Hamburger Kunsthalle, and The New Art Gallery Walsall.

English and German text.

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