Richard Deacon Association cover

Richard Deacon


Throughout his practice, Richard Deacon has employed diverse materials including wood, aluminium, plastic, steel, ceramic, glass, rubber, resin, polycarbonate, leather and cloth: exploiting their potential to create complex and challenging forms. It is a radical vocabulary that encompasses the organic, amorphous, geometric, rectilinear, intimate and monumental.

Along with his continued interest in material exploration, Association illustrates Deacon’s fascination with the relationship of the individual component to the structural whole and new works in ceramic, aluminium and steel evidence this investigation.

Published on the occasion of Richard Deacon: Association at Lisson Gallery, London, 11 May – 23 June 2012, this catalogue is a beautiful record of some of Deacon’s ceramic, steel and aluminium sculptures, made between 2009 and 2012.

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