Raymund Kaiser

Paintings 2002 - 2006

text by Reinhard Ermen

Raymund Kaiser is a painter. Actually, he paints two pictures each time. The first one is slowly built up in layers, with a patience recalling that of the old masters, and then sealed, as it were, with a colour glaze. In the face of such untouchability the second step to the picture almost appears like a defloration or like taking clear possession of it. The act of partial overpainting defines itself with a sort of ‘camouflage colour’. The meaning of the second, the actual painting act, is enhanced by means of this monochrome proximity.

Raymund Kaiser’s work attests to the fact that there are still untilled fields in the realm of painting. It is possible at a time in which all paintings have been made, to push forward into individual territories, where unmistakable things come about. The work generates itself according to intrinsic, extremely simple intentions, and what emerges is a piece that puts the reception into motion. An old dream of beauty consisting of simplicity and honesty enters into the mix. Unmistakability, individuality is an important result, and why not: A thoroughly confusing moment of elegance develops a suitable rhetoric. English and German text.

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