Hayley Newman

‘Ray’ is an environmental novella by artist/activist, Hayley Newman featuring eight of her illustrations.

Reiterations, echoes, recurrences, occurrences that cannot be fully recalled. Still everything repeats again and again. Reverberating, recurring fragments form a diagram, a living membrane between then and now. A dot-to-dot of experience.

Without perspective it is impossible to either get a grip or grasp of anything. And while the images on the page are only ever temporary, when folded the paper has the potential to become an origami raft that keeps memory afloat from one place to another – for a while anyway.

The safe haven of a page. The compassionate arms of a nomadic book. A place to reveal and heal, to uncover and recover. To see and be seen. Another location to store reminiscences, make connections and share stories of persistence and perseverance.

Coming soon
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