Raul Ruiz

A Nine Year Old Aviator

A previously unpublished tale, published posthumously by Dis Voir, with whom Ruiz had initiated the series Fictions (writings by filmmakers).

A NINE YEAR OLD AVIATOR by Chilean filmmaker, Raul Ruiz was found in a trunk by his wife, Valeria Sarmiento.

Written in Paris when he had just fled Chile, this tale is part of a series of stories written by Ruiz in the 1970s for his wife.

While both exiled – and he unemployed while she used babysit to support the household – Ruiz offered her every day a different story for the child.

This once a again a testament to Ruiz’s formidable creative range.

This story is illustrated by Camila Mora-Scheihing, to whom this tale was read as a child.

Translated by Catherine Petit & Paul Buck.

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