Randa Shaath

Under the Same Sky:Cairo

Under the Same Sky: Cairo presents three series of black-and-white photographs that Randa Shaath has realized over the last two decades. Profiles is a series of portraits of a variety of people (from painters to writers, poets to dancers, film directors to parking attendants). In the Heart of the Nile captures the lives of the farmers and fishermen who live on the island Qursaya in the Nile in the middle of the gigantic city of Cairo. Under the Same Sky – Rooftops of Cairo documents the lives of people who inhabit the rooftops of the city’s apartments.

Randa Shaath (b. Philadelphia, 1963) was born to a Palestinian father and an Egyptian mother. She lived in Beirut from 1969 to 1977 and currently resides in Cairo. English and Arabic text

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