Ralf Ziervogel

Every Adidas Got Its Story

The German graphic artist Ralf Ziervogel here presents more than 100 obsessive, small-format, dip-pen drawings that depict a descent into hell.

His subjects are caught in extreme and horrifying situations, sometimes caught up in giant cobwebs, other times dominated by sadistic machines.

‘The vehicle is tipped over by a drugged suburban techno freak. A rope from the lorry pulls an overcrowded submarine that continuously fires torpedoes with extra hand grenades chained onto them and children wearing party hats. At the rear a cut off head of an elephant is kept alive with adrenaline injections, its trunk pierced with two large fishing rods is sniffing on the naked buttocks of a baldhead clothed in Adidas. Simultaneously the man commits sodomy with a sizzling pig in two frying pans on a portable cooking stove. In an instant, he will be perforated by cannonballs from a mortar that is operated by a guy adoring his muscles.’ – Ralf Ziervogel (2005)

English and German text.

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