Future’s Venture Foundation

Radical Arts Handbook (Vol.1–3)

Through unprecedented challenges our world continues its transformation with XR, MeToo, BLM, LGBTQ+ and there has never been a greater need for art to be truly… ‘radical’. It is exactly this that, since 2015, the Future’s Venture Foundation (FVF) has supported through its unique vision.

The Future’s Venture Foundation’s Radical Arts Handbook is a limited edition zine publication in three volumes – Issue 1: Radical Past, Issue 2: Radical Present, and Issue 3: Radical Future.

FVF is a small charitable trust established to provide funding to artists and creatives to develop and deliver challenging and radical works that intend to make a difference and positive contribution to society, the environment and culture.

The Foundation is a political intervention of defiance and activism, a critical pedagogical process and an artwork in its own right. Its name disrupts the language of neoliberalism.

FUTURE’S means owning our diverse, self-determined opportunities rather than predetermined commodity speculation. VENTURE is supporting artists to undertake risky, daring and audacious projects. The underlying principles of this FOUNDATION are based on ethical investments to provide the Radical Independent Arts Fund with the intension of affecting the fundamental nature of society through art practices.

Contributors for the zines have been drawn from a wide range of artists and activists, many of whom received funding to develop and produce their projects through the Radical Independent Arts Fund.

From poetry to dance, architecture to music, film to graphic design, theatre to sculpture, the FVF has embraced and nurtured the work of 82 projects. Radical Arts Handbook is a manifestation of what the Foundation has achieved so far with its community, where it is now, and beyond 2021.

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