PSYOP Post-9/11 Leaflets

An artist’s book project on military ‘psychological operations’. A collection of over 120 propaganda leaflets that have been dropped by the US Army on Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as other similar material.

Based exclusively on material found on the Internet, this publication gives a wide-ranging insight into the propaganda strategies that the American army has adopted in the Near East since September 11.

The book is part of the ‘PSYOP – Capture their minds and their hearts and souls will follow’ project, which Christoph Büchel and Giovanni Carmine created for the 7th Biennale of Sharjah (United Arab Emirates).

This extensive collection of propaganda leaflets demonstrates how complex and elaborate these military ‘psychological operations’ are, at the level of both design and content.

Edited by Swiss artist Christoph Büchel and curator/critic Giovanni Carmine.

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