Power! Light!

It is the source of all life and, in its artificial form, also a means of power: light.

Various artistic positions which focus on social, (power) political, ecological, or military aspects can be summarized under the term “political light art.”

For the first time, the publication ‘Power! Light!’ presents artistic positions of more than 100 international artists spanning roughly half a century, which shed light on current and historical events and issues relating to topics such as racism, exclusion, manipulation, surveillance, enlightenment, utopias, and violence, as well as public space and advertising.

Numerous light art works are concerned with a critical commentary on the use of light and thus also, in a figurative sense, on the consumption of resources in general.

Published on occasion of the exhibition of same name, 12 Mar – 10 Jul 2022, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany.

English Edition.


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