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The theme of Play Music Playing Cards is classical music with suits based on particular periods – Clubs: Baroque (c. 1600 –1750); Diamonds: Vienna Classicism (c. 1750 – 1820); Hearts: Romanticism (c. 1810 – 1900); Spades: National Schools (c. 1830 – 1950).

Ruling the card table as Kings are Bach, Beethoven, Wagner and Sibelius, with Vivaldi, Mozart, Clara Schumann and Tchaikovsky as Queens by their side. Handel, Haydn, Chopin and Grieg are the Jacks. Cards 2 to 10 depict the musical period through notation. The picture cards feature composers from each style, while the aces depict the musical instruments typical for the period.

Who, then, are the jokers in classical music? Who has the last word in the concert hall? The conductors! Here they are represented by Wilhelm Furtwängler and Leonard Bernstein.

Enjoy harmonious moments with Play Music playing cards!

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