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Pius Fox


In the place where three- and two-dimensionality tip into one another or move further apart, where abstraction and representation, tradition and avant-garde are permeated: this is the operative sphere of painting by Berlin artist Pius Fox.

His painting seeks out and can be found in interim spaces and transitions. And it draws the old contradictions of painting into itself. Again and again, Pius Fox investigates the painterly articulation of space.

On occasion, the eye drawn into the picture space becomes caught up in the confusing pictorial mechanics of optical contradictions and tipping moments, when ambiguously placed or cross-faded spatial interrelations seem subject to simultaneous de-montage and construction.

Particularly in his abstract works, this interest in space is closely connected to matters of image tectonics. Sometimes, our view here appears blocked as if by an impenetrable wall of colour.

English and German text.

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