Issue no.1 Bi-annual publication of The Artist's Institute (Pierre Huyghe)

PIERREʼS is the first in a biannual publication series of The Artistʼs Institute and a platform for sustained, interdisciplinary conversation with contemporary artists.

Devoted to Pierre Huyghe, PIERREʼS takes the artistʼs recent work and research interests – topics as varied as genetic engineering, object-oriented philosophy, and the science fiction of Philip K. Dick – to draw a complex portrait of his practice through interviews, photographs, fiction and criticism.

The Artistʼs Institute is a research institute and exhibition space for contemporary art in New York City. The Institute dedicates each of its six month seasons to a single artist whose work becomes the occasion for a series of exhibitions, public programs, seminars, and publications with leading contemporary artists and thinkers.

Each season of The Artistʼs Institute considers the connections between an artistʼs work and the fields of thought with which it intersects, including literature, science, and philosophy. To this end, the Instituteʼs intimate gallery invites informal but sustained contact with art and the ideas it generates.

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