Pie Bible

M+M (Marc Weis and Martin de Mattia)

With the Pie Bible M+M turns a fictitious book from the US movie American Pie into reality: a continually growing collection of experiences, tips and impressions with regard to love and sexuality.

In the movie the book circulates at a high school. For the Pie Bible M+M asked selected artists to reveal personal experiences, ingenious techniques and fantasies that lead to secret areas of the world of sensual lust and erotic abysses, because according to society’s general impression, artists are regarded as experts when it comes to en sexual experiences and initiation rites.

The entries published range from texts to collages, drawings and photos with hand-written commentaries. The, in part, extremely intimate entries are not allocated directly to a specific artist. Only at the end of the book can they be encrypted by means of a concealed list. The Pie Bible’s appearance is based on editions of the Bible and song books.

This erotic compendium is printed in what is almost facsimile style, such that the individual traces, e.g., pentimenti, possible smudges and the paper character remain tangible. Designed by Rosebud Inc. and M+M.

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