Peter Liversedge

What You'd Expect

Peter Liversedge’s paintings, sculptures, installations and public projects explore his two twin obsessions: the myth of the American West, and the glamour and desirability of luxury goods.

Liversedge appropriates globally famous logotypes and corporate insignia, in order to recreate them in his own unique idiom. His charming, almost childlike clumsiness undermines their slick perfection. As the artist notes, ‘I really am trying… but I just can’t paint these products the way the manufacturers would like to see them.’

This catalogue accompanies a series of new commissions, exhibitions and offsite projects to be realized at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland; Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast; Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury; Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool; and Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.

Includes a discussion by Martin Clark, Deborah Kermode, Hugh Mulholland, Alistair Robinson, and Stuart Tulloch.

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