Paul Rooney

Got Up Late The Other Day

Got Up Late the Other Day is the first comprehensive overview of Paul Rooney’s sophisticated art practice; it presents a collection of twenty-four works spanning the years 1998 to 2005, from early CD albums through sound pieces, video, text and performances. The book marks a pivotal career moment, finding Rooney attracting significant national and international acclaim that takes him from his home city of Liverpool to Cuba, Germany and Australia. This geographic shift from a local to global context is reflected in the content, aspiration and feel of his work.

Recent pieces move away from re-presenting everyday stories from his life or the lives of Liverpudlians, to more poetic films reflecting serious historical and political situations, with wide-ranging cultural references and locations. In this transition from the unassuming to the ambitious, Rooney retains an unwavering integrity and respect for his subject matter.

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