Paul Chan

2000 Words Series

Paul Chan’s varied practice includes paintings, drawings, video animations, and typographic design, as well as critical writing. The characters in his works are animated beings, jerking and stuttering as they are violently thrust into the clumsy reel— or real — of history.

Chan explores the intellectual and sexual animus that courses through our collective language and consciousness, following a through-line from sources as varied as the King James Bible, Marquis de Sade, and Samuel Beckett.

Part of the 2000 Words series, conceived and commissioned by Massimiliano Gioni, and published by the Deste Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paul Chan: 2000 Words Series presents the entirety of the artist’s works in the Dakis Joannou Collection and includes an essay by Stephen Squibb that reveals the solitary image and its uncanny animation in Chan’s work.

Published by the Deste Foundation

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