Passage to India

In Edward Morgan Forster’s famous novel A Passage to India it reads, ‘I want to see the real India.’ Owing to India’s countless different faces, everyone experiences the country differently. Accordingly, perceptions of India vary greatly, a fact that is also reflected in contemporary art.

The exhibition of the Gallery of Old & New Masters Schwerin (27 February – 14 June 2015), which has been named after the title of Forster’s novel, embarks on a search for India and use artistic works to highlight various facets of the country.

The exhibition shows works from Indian and German artists. The comparison of European and Asian views on India makes up the allure of the project. Artists like Sakshi Gupta, Alf Löhr, Renate Graf, Sudarshan Shetty and Thomas Florschuetz take the viewer on a visual journey and show everyday life as well as unexpected.

Around 50 works including paintings, photographs and installations will be on display – some of them for the first time in Germany.

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