Pamela Rosenkranz

No Core

For the past decade, Pamela Rosenkranz has sought to collapse the meaning of the artwork into the meaninglessness of pure materiality. In challenging these conditions of art, she activates a contemporary form of nihilism.

From paintings produced from the foil of emergency blankets or Ralph Lauren-branded latex paint and soft drinks, to plastic water bottles filled with skin or urine-hued liquids, to a monitor featuring an approximation of and challenge to Yves Klein blue, Rosenkranz’s artworks take aim at the empty centres of history, politics, and our contemporary culture as a whole.

No Core is the first monograph on Rosenkranz’s increasingly celebrated oeuvre and features an overview of the work that Rosenkranz developed in three recent institutional solo exhibitions in Geneva, New York, and Braunschweig, Germany.

Published with the Centre d’art Contemporain Geneva, Swiss Institute Contemporary Art, New York and Kunstverein Braunschweig.

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