Olaf Unverzart

Leichtes Gepäck

Olaf Unverzart’s quiet and precise observations reveal – in contrast to traditional travel and journalistic photography – nothing exotic or unknown. He is wary of presenting trophies, and despite similar moods, themes and colouring, new surprising motifs emerge, which are difficult to categorise in geographical and cultural terms.

The starting point of his interest is mankind, even though it is seldom the focal point of his pictures. Unverzart photographs poetically, operating on a fine line between narration and a void.

He invites viewers to see for themselves and to pass on the stories. In this documentation of his travels over the past ten years he once again succeeds in revealing things that cannot be seen.

Unverzart completed his photography studies at the Hochschule for Grafik and Buchkunst in Leipzig. His clients include renowned national and international magazines, and he now teaches photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg.

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