Of Colour in Craft

Of Colour in Craft is published alongside an exhibition of the same name held at the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland in 2002, illustrating how emotive, subjective and personal our understanding of colour really is.

The particular richness of contemporary artwork in Ireland is shown by artist and colourist Brian Kennedy who has selected 14 artists who have each contributed a personal ‘vocabulary of colour’ in their work, revealing what colour means to each of them. For example, candle-maker Larry Kinsella uses foodstuffs – chocolate, coffee, pumpkin, mustard, cream, ginger and caramel and Victoria Rothschild’s list is pure opulence and nostalgia – Gold Topaz, Garnet Red, Old Rose, Delicate Old Gold and Dark Amber. The catalogue includes an extended introduction by critic and gardener Marianne Mays as she opens up the debate about our colour-saturated world, the role colour plays in craft and how we articulate colour.

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