How I Will Stop Global Heating by Tonight and Live Sustainably Ever After. A Visual Guide to the Science and Everydayness of the Climate Crisis

‘NOW’ explains the scientific basics, causes, and impacts of the climate crisis in layman’s terms.

Following the author through a typical day of his, the book explores what gigantic ecologi­cal foot­prints we leave behind in our everyday lives, and what we can do to shrink them.

However, as important as individual lifestyle ­choices may be, they will not suffice to bring about the kind of transformative change that science warns us has become inevitable – only few years remain to substantially curb global greenhouse gas emissions and thereby limit global heating to 1.5–2 °C.

Should we fail at this, we will lose all control over how the climate and our living planet will evolve.

For the first time many of us now stand united as Earth Citizens in a fight for a better world for all on one planet Earth – aware that solutions to the crisis are already at hand, but ‘NOW’ also need to be put into action.

The author, Christian Schienerl trained as a political and communication scientist, but has been working as a self-taught book designer in Vienna since 1999. ‘NOW’ is his first publication as a writer.

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