Emil Nolde My Garden Full of Flowers revised edition

Emil Nolde

My Garden Full of Flowers (Revised Edition)

This book in the successful series on Nolde’s oeuvre is devoted to his garden and flower pictures. The watercolours and paintings of flowers and gardens are now available as a revised edition.

‘The colours of the flowers had an irresistible attraction on me,’ noted Emil Nolde (1867–1956) in his biography.

Wherever he settled, Emil Nolde always planted a flower garden. Sitting in front of the shrubs, the great painter of colours created numerous watercolours of flowers in his garden.

Conversely, the artist produced his oil paintings depicting flowers in his studio. There is certainly hardly a theme that so fascinatingly reflects the luminosity and intensity of Nolde’s artistic production as his flower and garden pictures.

This attractive picture book on Emil Nolde’s gardens and flowers includes a documentation of the garden at Seebüll.

English and German text.

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