No Horizon

Emma Woffenden and Ann Course

This book tracks and reflects on the three-stage project No Horizon by Emma Woffenden. Over 18 months, the artist developed new work in response to three contrasting sites: Fabrica in Brighton – a former church; Angel Row Gallery in Nottingham – a former department store and finally firstsite in Colchester – a Georgian house. One exhibition presented over time and space, No Horizon encouraged Woffenden to work on a larger scale, involve others and widen her skills and practice. Objects created in response to each architectural environment travelled to the next location, to be re-presented and integrated with new elements. For her finale at firstsite, Emma chose to collaborate with artist Ann Course, as a means of evolving the installation further. With complementary text and dramatic installation images at each stage, this book traces the artistic and curatorial development of this new model of a touring exhibition. Features two volumes: volume 1 by Emma Woffenden; volume 2 by Emma Woffenden and Ann Course. Texts by Linda Theophilus, Cherry Smyth and Deborah Smith.

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