Nives Widauer

Nives Widauer

Do I Dream Or Am I Alive?

Nives Widauer is a particularly versatile artist. The focus of this publication is on her works from the past 10 years and provides a broad overview of all her work including performance, video, objects, drawings, photographs and installations.

The book reacts to Widauer’s work strategy and method of working: on the one hand there are the cross-references between the artistic work and the stage projects, which in part operate with the same visual material and which have to be seen from the aspect of re-framing. On the other hand, questions in terms of content and different ways of approaching, philosophical or (art)-theoretical categories form a recurring pattern of terminologies which run through the work. Published on the occasion of the exhibition DO I DREAM OR AM I ALIVE at Kunsthaus Baselland in 2011.

English and German text.

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